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Our Story

What We Do

Gaia International (formed 1982) is an informal global network of sustainable architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape designers, permaculturasts and others. The members work independently and collaboratively to carry out a wide range of interdisciplinary research, design, planning and educational projects. The members meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest, exchange ideas and share best practice knowledge.

The idea behind the creation of the group was to bring together architecture, landscape design and planning professionals and likeminded green-thinking individuals around issues of sustainable, environmentally responsible living and truly green architecture.

The practices work independently and collaboratively under the collective title of Gaia International. The offices also combine forces to carry out a wide range of interdisciplinary research, design, planing and educational projects and arrange meetings to exchange ideas and discuss issues of common interest.​

The aim of Gaia International is to support delivery of healthy, resource efficient and affordable buildings of excellent design quality. The group members offer a wide range of services based on their expertise. To find out more about each member and how they can help you and your organisation please use the thematical listings or browse through the member listings. 

Gaia International at its forming moment

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