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Sandy Halliday


Sustainable Construction

2nd Edition

Sandy Halliday received ‘Professor Sandy Halliday’s Sustainable Construction, Second Edition is a robust examination of a vast set of issues that are especially important to today's construction practices. Her work takes on the social and political climate as well as the practice of building sustainably. To consider passive design strategies foremost is the guiding principle of the book—mechanical systems and alternative energy devices are considered back ups that can be reduced in size and expense by the effective use of passive strategies. The text is thoroughly illustrated with case study examples and images and illustrations. Both historic and contemporary issues and examples are presented. It's a tour de force in sustainable construction instruction.’

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Study trip, Ireland - 2019

The next study trip of the Gaia group will be in Ireland in the autumn of 2019 organized by Paul Leech and Sally Starbuck.  Among others the plans include visiting the Cloughjordan Ecovillage


Study trip, Germany - 2018

Study trip 2018

A study trip was organized to Germany in the spring of 2018. Gaia International members visited various objects in Hamburg, Berlin and and have gained first hand experience of cutting edge eco-design of Southern Germany. 

Gaia meeting in Hurdal, Norway

September 2016

Study trip 2018

On the autumn of 2017 Gaia International had a very successful conference taking place at the eco-village in Hurdal, Norway.

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